Decorative Concrete Products

The global decorative concrete industry has grown tremendously. In fact, it’s estimated to be worth 12.78 billion dollars by 2022. This growth is driven by many factors such as consumer interest, high demand for green buildings, and rapid urbanization.

Unfortunately, this positive growth has also attracted unscrupulous businesses. There are a lot of decorative contractors and products in the market. However, consumers can avoid getting duped by considering the following factors when looking for decorative concrete contractors and the best products.

5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Decorative Concrete Contractors

1. Advertising Gimmicks

Often, competent contractors don’t spend all their time marketing their products. Instead, they mainly rely on client referrals to get new construction projects. When hiring a decorative contractor, it’s advisable to consult friends and clients who have had decoration projects in the past.

2. Business Bureau

It’s wise to check with your local business bureau to see if there have been any previous complaints about a particular contractor. However, if you notice a claim in the decorative concrete forms, it doesn’t always mean that a contractor is incompetent. You need to find out what prevailed before the client filed their complaint.

3. Previous Clients

At times, you may find a list of renowned contractors and be tempted to overlook specific issues when hiring them. You need to review a list of customers that they worked with in the past. Also, it’s vital to contact several clients and ask specific questions which are relevant to your project.

4. Insurance and Licensing Requirements

Most states have varying insurance requirements. It’s necessary to liaise with a legitimate agency to check whether a particular contractor is allowed to work in your country. To get a license, a contractor is expected to pass a competency test. Also, they are required to pay a particular fee to get registered. In the case of a human-made construction disaster, the state can easily track the contractor and sue them in court.

5. Certification

All decorative concrete contractors are required to be members of at least one industry group including the Decorative Concrete Council. It shows that they will remain in the venture for a long time as they’ve invested in their future.

If a contractor has joined a trade association or they usually attend construction conferences, it shows that they are keen on building their career.


Now that you know what to look for in a decorative concrete contractor, what are the top 10 decorative concrete products you should consider?

Top 10 Decorative Concrete Products

1. Soldier Curve Tools

Initially, most contractors got nervous about aligning soldiers whenever clients chose soldier course patterns on radius-filled hardscapes. Currently, Butterfield produces modern soldier curve devices that one can use to adjust various brick angles. Also, the tools eliminate the need to apply manually cut borders. Their unique design enables them to fit in soldier course patterns.

2. Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete is a favorite of many contractors. It’s typically a unique pavement mix which allows air and water to pass through the interconnected voids easily. It consists of coarse aggregate, Portland cement, and water. Also, it contains admixtures which increase its plausibility.

Although the concrete costs are higher, it significantly eliminates the need to use stormwater and retention basin drainage systems. Also, they aid in filtering out contaminants, puddles and replenishing local aquifers.

3. Ductal

Ductal is a decorative concrete from Lafarge. It’s ductile, durable and sturdy. During its production, the concrete will be blended with metallic or organic fibers to increase its strength. Decorative concrete contractors usually specify it when creating thin structures with great curves as they don’t have to use passive reinforcement.

Ductal concrete offers cutting-edge construction solutions in projects such as bridges, facades, and interior design. Furthermore, it is denser than ordinary concrete which makes it resistant to degradation, impact, and weathering.

4. Litracon

Many realtors know that one can easily manipulate decorative concrete into different shapes. The Litracon German firm produces Litracon, light-transmitting concrete. It is a transparent concrete with a variety of uses.

You can purchase the concrete as decorative concrete blocks. They comprise embedded glass fiber that is integrated with concrete. Due to the fiber optics’ inherent nature, the blocks allow light to penetrate despite their thickness. Advanced Litracon blocks have individual patented plastic units that lack optical fibers.

5. Photocatalytic Concrete

Concrete is among the leading construction materials that get discolored due to pollution. Some manufacturers produce new formulations that can tolerate pollution. Also, they can neutralize toxic particulates.

Photocatalytic concrete constitutes titanium dioxide elements that facilitate the itemization of pollutants to attach them. As sunlight reaches the concrete surface, it neutralizes the contaminants. You can replace typical Portland cement with photocatalytic concrete. Moreover, it’s a self-cleaning product that is ideal for coating large bridges and airports and improves air quality.

6. Proline Concrete

Proline concrete comprises a durable and light magnetic mat. It has a bright edge stamp that enhances its coarse texture. Usually, the marks overlap one another to create a textured finish. You can use magnets to link the mats hence making them waterproof.

7. LithoMosaic

Robin Brailsford invented the LithoMosaic concrete. Its riffing off process comprises scattering ballast on wet concrete. A decorative concrete contractor can create a distinct pattern in a studio or by placing the mixture in concrete pours. The method is useful in making a variety of art pieces.

8. Soy-Based Concrete

Many contractors are seeking green construction alternatives including coating removers and soy-based stains. They have a higher coverage span than traditional products. For example, SoyCrete offers a variegated look which resembles acid stain after drying up. Besides, you can easily control it without reducing its rigidity. Furthermore, you can get over 35 colored SoyCrete types. Frammar produces the 600GL soy concrete. It is a powerful coating remover that removes several layers of acrylics, enamels, latex, and urethanes.

9. Penetrating Curing Agent

Ordinary concrete needs adequate curing for it to last longer. It’s vital to acid stain and color slabs; nevertheless, you need to remove the curing agent for the acid to penetrate adequately. Traditionally, contractors used waterproof materials.

AmeriPolish produces a penetrating agent which hardens concrete without creating a coat. Also, you can combine it with colored concrete.

10. Metallic Coatings

Most metallic coatings provide adequate sparkle and drift. Decorative concrete contractors use them to create beautiful 3D structures. There are different types of metallic coatings to choose. Moreover, they are an affordable alternative to floor stains and overlays.

Metallic coatings usually comprise various ingredients such as aluminum compounds, liquid colorants, metals and synthetic mica. Also, you can use them with epoxies to attain a popular acid-stain appeal.

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