Stamped Concrete

The stamped concrete is the result of adding color and texture to the concrete that is in a fresh state, so as to resemble the appearance of materials such as: stones, slabs, terracotta, bricks, paving stones, etc.

The use of stamped concrete is growing because of its versatility and visibility; It also has two important advantages over other materials: durability and cost. The slabs of stone and bricks are options that despite their good visual impression, carry two major drawbacks: a long time of construction and the price of materials and specialized manpower they require, warrant a very high budget , In regard to surface finish for floors. In addition they have mortar joints where you can give the entrance of water, resulting the consequences by all known.

The stamped concrete, in turn, has the appearance of individual pieces of pebbles, but in reality it is a single piece of economic concrete, durable and pleasing to the eye, which will also be ready to be used two or three days after Been emptied.

Now think of all the time and money this can save you!


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