Stamped Concrete

If you are considering installation of the concrete to the exteriors of your house, then you must be aware of the wide variety of the concrete available. There are many eye-catching ways in which concrete can be installed in your house. We Eternal Rock Construction Inc provide a number of ways in which you can set up concrete slab furnishings to the outdoors of your house.

When it comes to different designs and textures in which concrete slabs are available, stamped concretes are the most talked about concrete slabs. Stamped concretes are a type of concrete that has some kind of texture or pattern to it. Stamped concretes can also be embossed. Stamped concrete patterns can resemble the patterns of wood, brick, stone, tile or various others. Most people enjoy making their outdoors of stamped concretes. Stamped concrete patios, stamped concrete driveways and walkways are the most sought after concrete flooring projects.

Why stamped concretes?

You must be wondering that out of so many others flooring options why you should install a stamped concrete surface. But believe us, once you apply a stamped concrete to your landscapes you will not regret your decision. There are many astonishing facts about stamped concrete for which you must consider it as the best exterior for your house.

stamped concrete
  1. Variety of patterns:

One of the mind-blowing justifications for why you should use stamped concrete is that it can take any shape that you possibly imagine. Stamped concrete patterns can be shaped in any size, colour, or structure that you like. It can mimic any surface or textures like that of marble, stone, wood or weathered lumber. The extensive amount of stamped concrete patterns and designs available are the foremost reason for its popularity. It provides the expensive look to the house despite being cost-effective.

  1. Cost of stamped concrete:

Another reason for which stamped concrete is a better alternative for your house is that it is cost-effective and budget-friendly. A basic stamped concrete will cost you around $8 to $12 per square foot. But more intensive projects can take the costs up to $18 per square foot.

The costs of stamped concrete depend upon various factors including the materials, stamped concrete patterns and also labour and installation costs. However, the cost of stamped concretes is still lower than that of pavers. If you look at the cost of stamped concrete vs. pavers cost, you will come to know that pavers are always expensive due to the manufacturing processes of pavers. The installation of pavers will cost you double the cost of stamped concrete, because of the fact that installation process of pavers is more labour-intensive and time taking.

Stamped concrete designs:

Apart from the cost-friendly nature of stamped concretes, there are many stamped concrete designs available in the market. Stamped concrete glorifies the outlook of your house by its captivating and alluring designs. There are many overwhelming designs of stamped concretes and many manners in which you can incorporate stamped concrete in your house.

  1. One of the stamped concrete designs can be made by using saw cuts. One way is to saw cut curved control joints that can take the look of large slate pieces.
  2. Stamped concretes can also be designed with borders. It is a good way to keep your stamped concrete patio neat and clean. If you do not want to concrete the entire area then you can simply add a border of different stamped concrete pattern, in order to give it a more elegant look.
  3. We cannot overlook the ability of stamped concrete to achieve any shape and design. It can have a design of slate, it can be hand coloured in various options, it can have a zigzag pattern or diamond-shaped It can also take the effect of wood by different colour combinations, and can also be in the design of marbles or tiles by laying large and small stamped concretes. The brick effect is also very desirable stamped concrete design. Pebble effect and stoned effect are also a great design to have in stamped concrete for your house.
stamped concrete
stamped concrete
stamped concrete
stamped concrete

Where stamped concretes are used:

There are plenty of locations in your house where you can make the use of stamped concretes as your surface. Installing stamped concretes in your house increases the overall value of your house; it is a long-lasting investment that does not require much maintenance and money. Stamped concretes are the best way to accentuate your house’s exterior. Stamped concretes can be used in various parts of your house including:

  1. Stamped concrete driveways are one of the most captivating areas to add beauty to your house.
  2. You can enhance the liveliness of your poolside are by installing stamped concrete there. It will provide a very natural look to the pool area making it desirable.
  3. Stamped concrete patios are also very famous around the region. A patio is the most fascinating location of the house. Having a stamped concrete patio will make you and your visitors love-struck of your patios. All your outdoor events will be fantasized by all your friends.
  4. Moreover, stamped concrete can also be used on fire pits, countertops, backyards, or front porch.
  5. You can also place stamped concrete in your kitchens, it will provide a very rustic look to your kitchen.

Stamped concretes are so fascinating and beautiful that people love to install these concrete in their houses. Stamped concretes are also polished and glossed so it provides a formal look to your exteriors as well.

If you are on a quest for a concrete contractor then your struggle is over. We have a team of skilled professionals that will provide you with the best services available. We use high-quality concrete and concrete stamping techniques. Our stamped concrete will make your house beautiful, attractive, and heart-warming.

Our professionals can provide you with any support that you need regarding concrete slabs. We also repair and manage old and traditional concrete. We believe in customer gratification by delivering the finest and incomparable concrete products and services.

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