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Foundation Repair in Portland

Foundation problems range from those than can be fixed by the DIY enthusiast, to those that require expensive hydraulic equipment and are best left to professionals. These are the extremes. Often, a better and more affordable solution can be found. There are several methods to repair foundations. Approach your construction professional and he can guide you to the best option for your case. Foundation cracks should not be ignored.


So, You Found a Foundation Crack…

concrete slab

Foundation cracks can have many causes. Movement and drainage of the ground is a common issue. However, if the foundations of the property were not filled with the correct materials, foundations slabs could begin to crack and sink. The ground for new constructions should be filled with gravel or sand, substrates that are easily compacted and allow good drainage.

If the problem is already present, then you must have it evaluated by your contractor. Foundation cracks need to be assessed according to location, length, width and depth. Only construction professionals have the experience and the equipment to correctly determine the extent of the problem.

What is Piering?

Piering is a foundation repair method. It consists in anchoring the foundations to steel piers that are then driven into the ground all the way to the bedrock. Then hydraulic jacks are used to raise the foundations to their original level. The voids are then filled with speciality foams.

Piering is expensive, but it is cheaper than replacing the foundation altogether. It could be the only option in some cases.

What is Slabjacking?

new concrete slabSlabjacking or concrete levelling is a foundation repair method. It consists in pumping concrete or grout underneath the sinking slab to raise it. Your contractor drills strategically placed holes in the problem slab, and pumps concrete to fill the voids and return the slab to its original level.

Some small cracks can be filled with epoxy foams. Larger ones usually require cement products. However, if the problem affects the foundation slabs, then slabjacking could be your better choice.

Slabjacking has many benefits, not least of which is its affordability, when compared to piering or replacement. A valuable characteristic of concrete foundation repair, especially for commercial areas, is that it can be done without disrupting daily business. Additionally, this method does not require extensive landscape disruption such as digging and excavation.

Concrete foundation repair and piering are both available to you in Portland. Approach your contractor to find the best option for your case.

Slab-Lifting with Concrete?
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Slab-Lifting with Concrete?
The problems of the base vary, from the most basic, to those that require expensive hydraulic equipment and it is better to leave them to the professionals.
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  • We found out that our foundation has a large crack in the corner last week. It might be good to look at the ground and see if it is the movement or drainage of the land that is causing the crack, as you’ve said these are the most common issues. I really appreciate all the information you gave on concrete foundation repair, because we really didn’t know what we could do to fix this.

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