Sand Finish Concrete: All you need to know in 2021

Ever noticed the walkway of a modern design home then probably saw the sand finish concrete floor. The sand finish concrete is a plaster finish made by rubbing to smooth surface sand named sand-washed concrete.

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The sand finish provides an even texture with the feel of merged sand.

It is the most known, affordable fine-looking concrete that will last for ten years or more. The sand finish looks classy and sophisticated with the feel of the coast.

Throughout the household, sand finishing is a great choice. Custom designs can take any form, color, or shape.

Sand-washed concrete tides up the whole captivating house look to welcome guests and families.

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Importance of Sand Finish Concrete

sand finish concrete

• Adaptable

Because of its smooth texture, the sand finish concrete is easy to walk on bare feet. You can therefore use it in many areas, such as parking lots and basement floors. With the selection of sand finish, your household can look very formal. The sand finish gives an eye-catching delight to your home with the longevity of concrete.

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• Natural Theme

Choose the shades of sandstones or browns and greys that resemble the seashore with a broad range of natural colors. The sand finish can easily maintain your ground color scheme with its wide range and create your favorite tropical-inspired patio with a sand finish. Design with cut-outs, add small plants in between to enhance the theme of your house.

Eternal Rock Sand Finish Concrete

• Additional Designs

Sand finish concrete can create so many different looks by adding stamp design as an individual panel. There are many different options for standard rectangles/ square shapes or modish diamond cutting to complete the modern house look. It gives cleanness to the patio or backyard of your house. The sand finish can create uneven shape patterns to complete the whole flooring shading with darker colors at the ends to create a border. Good flooring can magnify the look of your house. Imagine the possibilities of designs, and you can create every one of them.

pool with concrete sand finish edge

• Compatible Texture

Sand finish concrete is great for pool areas. The sand finish resembles the feel of wet sand when water spills on the pool deck, making the surrounding wet. It is not slippery so that kids won’t fall, and in the summertime, it gives the classic and calming vibes to your house. Sand finishing makes the outdoor look decent and tidy. If you washed the sand finish, it soaked the water quickly and even easier with a power washer to clean the concrete patio or backyard.

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Driveway sand finish concrete
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Cost of Sand Finish Concrete

The cost depends on square foot. Recent prices per square foot to build plain concrete, and with the addition of designs, the cost can vary accordingly. The more defined and complex pattern chosen, the variation of sand or color can change, altering the expense rate of concrete. Although, sand finish concrete is the most common and affordable concrete finish among all.

Sand Finish Concrete Ideas for Home

Sand finishing can build different decorative patterns with contrasting colors. Make a chessboard, unique acid burn finish, or create a lighter border around darker parts to intensify the ends, which will be helpful during evening time to have a clear view to guests where the sand finish is ending. Multiple options can customize the house floor. Arrange the patterns and colors according to the theme of the house.


The first thing that gets the attention when anyone walks into the house is their flooring—the reason why people spend so much money selecting the best option. Here when Sand Finish concrete comes into the picture, it is affordable with its durability, variation in designs, and colors. Make your home outdoor creatively unique by using sand concrete flooring in 2021.

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