Sand Finish Concrete

What is the first thing that you notice when you walk into someone’s house? It’s probably the outside flooring of the house. Whether you walked through the driveway, walkway, or the patio the exterior flooring plays a crucial rule in beautifying your house’s overall look. The best flooring for outdoors, as considered by many individuals is a concrete slab.

Due to its long-lasting durability and easy to manage feature, concretes are considered by many people as a quality flooring for their garage, patios and many other places in the house. If you are looking for construction, repair and installation of concrete services, then look no further. We are here to provide you with the best services to fulfil your requirements and to enhance the attractiveness of your house.

Sand washed concrete finish:

If you are not satisfied and find the look of simple traditional concrete boring, then we have a solution for you too. One of the things that you can do to increase the charm of your flooring is to install sand finished concrete to it.

Sand finish concrete provides a smooth, classic gloss over the concrete making it gentle to touch. Sand finish concrete is also easy on your feet. When a concrete is a sand-washed it does not provide the rough feeling that original concrete has. What makes sand washed concrete finish more beautiful is that it reflects a natural feeling to your house. It provides bliss of nature and makes you feel that you are walking on a sandy beach.

Sand Finish Concrete

Importance of the sand finishes concrete:

Due to having so many different alternatives for floorings, why sand finish concrete is the question one asks. Besides being durable and cost-effective, there also many reasons for which you should have sand washed concrete finish in your houses.

  1. Sand finish concrete is of great texture. It is not coarse or harsh and not slippery at the same time. Its unique texture makes it more applicable in backyards. You can also have a sand finish concrete yard where you might have your poolside area, as it will give the texture of sand while not being slippery around the pool.
  2. Besides being of a good texture, sand finish concrete is also available. Our professionals offer sand finish concrete in different designs and patterns like that of diamonds or squares or a check pattern.
  3. Sand washed concretes are also very versatile and flexible. They are a investment that will hold its beauty for many years. It adds to the loveliness of your house making it cleaner and smoother.
sand finish concrete steps and walkway
Sand Finish Concrete
sand finish concrete
sand finish concrete

Cost of sand finish concrete:

Now we know you must be thinking about the overall costs and expenses of installing sand finish concrete in your house. Though costs and expenses are the foremost things that people are worried about but do not worry we provide very cost-effective and efficient services. Our customer’s satisfaction is our priority while working with us you will not have to be concerned about the quality of the sand finish concrete versus its cost.

When it comes to installation of sand finish concrete, various factors come into account including surface area, the intensity of sand, the colour and the labour rates. Basically, a general rule of thumb is that the more sand finish concrete details the more cost it will have. For example, a two-tone sand finish concrete idea will be more expensive as compared to one base colour sand washed concrete.

Do not trouble yourself if you are on a budget. We assure you that the quality of our sand finish concrete will be worth of all the expenses and you will not be disappointed. Moreover, we do not keep any hidden costs; all the expenses are thoroughly discussed with our customers.


Sand finish concrete ideas for the house:

There are many ways in which you can incorporate sand finish concrete in your house. The most favorite sand finish concrete idea that many consumers enjoy is to install it on your patio. Sand finish concrete patios are very famous among individuals, some of them also give their patios a forest type of look and some also build an outdoor aquarium using sand finish concrete. Sand finish concrete is also used to create a walkway in the garden of houses by installing small pieces of concrete as a pathway.

Not only outdoors, sand washed concrete can also be used indoors. It will give your basement an extraordinary neat look. It can also be used in your laundry as well as attics. Keeping in view of the sand finish concrete decorative, it only enhances the magnificence of your house. Sand finish concretes are a great way for making small home-improvements.

We, Eternal Rock Construction Inc, are one of the best and leading concrete contractors. Our company has all the concrete solutions that you are looking for. We will provide you with the best of services that your house need. Besides constructing concrete we also repair old concretes. Our customer’s needs are our first and foremost consideration. Keeping customers happy and satisfied is our favourable treatment. We provide the most cost-friendly and competent services to our customers. We love to work for making people’s houses, a house that they fantasize. We are located in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington. Feel free to contact our professionals for your house-furnishings.

Sand Finish Concrete
Sand Finish Concrete
Sand Finish Concrete
Sand Finish Concrete

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