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An ADA compliant ramp is the one that helps the smooth movement of wheelchairs. Concrete ADA ramps are designed to provide an easy passage to wheelchairs in schools, universities, offices, and homes.

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The importance of Concrete ADA Ramp in Portland Oregon

The frame of these concrete wheelchair ramps is made up of heavy-duty steel and surface panel of concrete.  These concrete ramp designs compliment your home exteriors and blend with them easily.
Other than wheelchairs, you can also use them for scooters. Our team of experts at Eternal Rock Construction Inc does concrete ramp construction according to your requirements.
The standard width of a concrete wheelchair ramp is 48-inches, but it can be customized according to the needs of the customer. 

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The length of the concrete ADA ramp depends on the rise of the building and location of the ramp. Usually, it has a weight capacity of 2000 lbs.

Concrete ramp construction makes it enable to withstand the effects of rain, snow, freezing, fire and thawing. The concrete driveway curb ramp is specifically designed to fit your location. Installation of a concrete wheelchair ramp is not only easy, but it is quick as well.

Importance of a Concrete ADA Ramp:

A concrete wheelchair ramp is necessary for any building to make it accessible for handicaps. These ramps are inclined plains that are installed either in addition to the stairs or in place of them. This helps people with a wheelchair to easily access the building. It also helps people who have carts or strollers to reach the building easier. Ramps of greater use in some places to facilitate the movement of scooters.

The main purpose of a concrete driveway curb ramp or any other similar thing is to be useful for people. There are different rules for minimum width in different states of the country. These rules ensure that a concrete ADA ramp is wide enough through which a wheelchair can move easily, otherwise, there is no point in having these ramps in the buildings. Similarly, in some States, there are rules for the slope of these ramps as well. If a ramp is too steep, it would be nearly impossible for a wheelchair to go through it.

With the passage of time, awareness about the rights of handicaps is increasing, and therefore, now every new public building constructed should have a concrete ramp construction as well. If any building has not constructed these ramps, it means that they are denying the rights of these people, and State laws can question the absence of a concrete ADA ramp.

Benefits of a Concrete Wheelchair Ramp:

There are many benefits of using concrete to construct a wheelchair ramp in your building to make access easier for people with wheelchairs. These benefits include:

  • A concrete ADA ramp has a good grip. Especially, in seasons when there is rain or snow, it is easier to move wheelchairs, strollers, and trolleys on the concrete.
  • Concrete ramps are ideal for wheelchairs because they are the highest quality and most resistant material..
  • A concrete driveway curb ramp has low-cost maintenance and much easier to maintain.
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Types of Concrete ADA Ramp in Portland:


Wheelchair ramps come in wide range of sizes, styles, and designs, and each of them offers different functionality. The main purpose of all these ramps is to allow wheelchairs, scooters, trolleys, strollers, and even walkers to go up and down stairs.

There are 8 main types of wheelchair ramps available in the market. These types include:

  • Pathway Ramps – They offer temporary to a permanent and secure solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access a building. Sizes may vary from 2-feet to 10-feet high.
  • Lego-style Threshold Ramps – These are light-weight threshold ramps. They allow water to flow through, and you can use them both outside and inside the doorway.
  • Rubber Threshold Ramp – These ramps are easy to get over thresholds for doors and sliders. They are durable and made up of recycled material.
  • Aluminum Threshold Ramp – They are light-weight and non-slippery. They usually cater 1-inch to 6-inches high thresholds.
  • Portable Suitcase Ramps – The type of folding ramps are easier to transport. They come in several sizes and designs. They support up to 800 lbs. depending on the model of the ramp.

Some people think that concrete ramps are suitable for public buildings rather than homes. But, the low-cost maintenance and lower initial cost make it perfect for homes as well. Adding a concrete wheelchair ramp to a house is easier during the initial construction of the house, but it can also be added later.

Cost of a Concrete ADA Ramp:

Cost of a concrete wheelchair ramp depends on various factors. These factors include location, the height of the ramp, and its width. However, in Oregon, it starts from $800 and goes up to $1500. The average cost of a concrete ramp is $1150. On the lower end, it is $900, whereas, on the higher end, it is around $1500.

How to Build a Concrete Ramp for a Wheelchair?

Well, this is an important question. You may also be thinking that what the other requirements for concrete ramp construction are. To answer these questions, we will discuss concrete ramp construction details in this section.

  • Sub-Base of the Ramp – It is the most important part of a concrete ramp. It is the base that takes the entire load, and hence, it should be strong enough to support the overall concrete ADA ramp.
  • Bracing the Form – Make sure that the level of the ramp remains identical. If any side of your ramp is with a slab, or any other structure, you must use a piece of wood to isolate it.
  • Mixing of Concrete – The most important part of concrete ramp construction is the mixing procedure of concrete with water. Water and concrete should be mixed in a proper fraction. Neither it should be dry, nor should it be too wet (more than the recommended level). After mixing it properly, fill this mixture in the mold and using a float, spread the mixture evenly. With the help of a shovel, settle the poured concrete to prevent slumping.
  • Rounding off the Edges – To make your ramp beautiful, use an edger to make the ramp smooth. To get a stronger ramp, keep moist curing it for at least a week.

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