Exposed Concrete

The exposed concrete is a great specialty of the team of Eternal Rock Construction, more than 40 years covering perfectly this area.

The exposed concrete is durable, durable and useful for all types of applications, from warehouses to art galleries and garages to domestic living rooms. It is particularly useful for heavy loads or traffic or, when combined with underfloor heating, for continuous and efficient space heating. As a finish they may appear utilitarian or luxurious depending largely on the materials chosen and installation techniques.

The most common texture or finish for indoor exposed concrete floors is polished – either float power for a smooth solid appearance, or ground diamond for exposing aggregates. A requirement for increased slip resistance is often an engine for exploring other options, such as the inclusion of retarders or shot blasting. Some of the techniques most used for external surfaces, such as imprinting or brushing, can also be used for a good aesthetic effect in the interior.


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