The Eternal Rock Construction Inc team has been specializing in walkways for years.
It offers original and responsible performance when building a walkway in the yard of your home or on the plan you require.
We have several purposes when working with diverse amount of clients of the area, we develop sensible projects of good quality that comply with the affidavits of the city. We also develop any projects that exceed the expectation of their thinking by building walkways with an elegant and artistic touch.

Concrete Walkway Design Options

Limitless color options through stains or integral colors
Stamped or saw-cut designs and textures
Simulated wooden slabs
Simulated cobbles
Straight or curved
Exposed aggregate
Decorative borders

Interacting with nature is always necessary and is a way to fill our lives. The simple contemplation of our garden, for example, has a therapeutic effect. Enjoying colors or a gentle breeze, while reading or doing another activity will always be a great gift.

Adapting our gardens for this purpose by adding a path is a must. A  concrete path will make our patio functional and allow us to move and attend the plants in greater detail. They should always be thought of for the general structure of a garden. In advance are one of the main aspects when designing the same. They allow a better division of spaces and increase the possibility of access to certain areas. Paths gardens, a combination that will also make our space very ornamental and aesthetic.

They can be designed and built in the garden or around the house. In addition to running through the garden you need to also lead to other areas as fountains, or some outdoor lounge. In case you have these areas at home. On materials and their possible designs we will speak a little today. The options of materials and designs for gardens trails depend on the style that we look for and especially the money. The stones, although expensive are without a doubt one of my favorites, allow to create a rustic image.

Sample projects: