The driveway apron, the area between the side walk and the curb, brings an element of personal design to your curb appeal that welcomes guests as well as provides for sturdy reinforcement for the inevitable outside forces that most openings to private driveways harden at one time or Another Driveway aprons are optional and if you should opt to have one, the designs and ways to go about doing them carry many options as well.

Do know that you do not have to use the same material for your apron as the rest of your driveway and in fact you probably do not want to as a pop of color or change in material is very eye catching. Basically a little creativity goes a long way in adding home value and curb appeal. Whether you desire a splash of color or an alluring landscaped masterpiece, it’s totally up to you.

So, there you have it. Driveway aprons. A fairly easy way to uniquely compliment your home while protecting it; And bring unity to the overall look of your property. Contact ETERNAL ROCK CONSTRUCTION for a free estimate.