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A building is only as strong as its foundation is not just a fancy quote. It is the very basis on which all construction work is done. Whether it’s a single floor or several hundred feet tall, a building’s weight is usually supported by its foundation. A weak foundation is almost always a poor decision when constructing a building and is immensely unsafe for any users of the building or structure being built. This is why a strong and sturdy concrete foundation is needed to protect your building from collapsing upon itself.

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Why a concrete foundation is vital

The foundation is the very first part of a building that is constructed. It determines how strong your building or housing structure will be.

A good concrete foundation;


  • Offers protection against moisture and water damage – Proper foundations offer moisture protection by preventing ground moisture from seeping up and destroying the building’s structure.


  • Withstands adverse weather conditions – Portland is prone to flooding and intense weather, as recently seen from Hurricane Harvey. A good concrete foundation protects the building from crumbling in such extreme weather by rooting it firmly in the ground.


  • Supports the entire house – The foundation holds the building upright. Skimping on this area could lead to catastrophic results on the entire project.

Choosing your concrete foundation contractor

When choosing your concrete contractor for your project, there are several factors you need to consider.

A) Familiarity with the area – A good concrete foundation contractor should be familiar with the area’s climatic, geographic, and weather conditions. They should have a deeper understanding of the type of foundation that is best suitable for the soil found in an area.

B) Experience – Previous building and construction experience is also important in choosing someone to set up the most important part of your building.

C) Past clients – A concrete foundation contractor with a wide portfolio and several satisfied clients means you will get quality work done and a perfectly suited foundation for the building you want to create.

Why Eternal Rock is the perfect foundation solution for you

At Eternal Rock, we know concrete and have undertaken several projects in creating concrete foundations as well as walkways, driveways, and sidewalks. Our immense experience, especially in creating concrete foundations in the Portland area of Oregon, puts us ahead of the competition. We are well familiar with the kind of foundation and engineering solutions to use in setting up the perfect concrete foundation for you. Contact us today for a quote.

Concrete Foundation Concrete contractors in portland or
Concrete Foundation Concrete contractors in portland or
Concrete Foundation Concrete contractors in portland or
Concrete Foundation Concrete contractors in portland or
Concrete Foundation Concrete contractors in portland or

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