Basement foundation crack repair Portland

Basement Foundation Repair

Basement Foundation Repair

Foundation problems, usually found in basements can spell structural damage. They should not go overlooked. There are some easy methods to fix some of these problems, especially cracks. However, you should seek professional aid. Turn to your trusty contractor right here in Portland to get your problem assessed.

Why do Cracks Appear?

Foundations are the part of our properties that is in direct contact with the ground beneath. Not only do they isolate us from the elements, but they have the all important job of supporting the rest of the structure. They distribute the load of the house to the ground underneath.

A common cause for basement foundation problems is excessive moisture and seepage. This can compromise the material integrity of the foundations. Another common cause is shrinkage from the ground underneath. Shrinkage happens when the ground loses a lot of water and the void left behind eventually collapses. This can be prevented by correct subgrade preparation and compaction.

A Word about Repairs

Only a contractor can assess the severity of the problem. If the ground is uneven, then water will collect in the lowests spots. If some of the slabs are sinking, then slabjacking might be a solution: pumping concrete into the slab to make it rise.

Smaller problems, usually cracks, can be repaired by patching the cracked surface. You need to evaluate carefully for seepage. If the crack is wet or water is collecting near the problem, then you will need to use a mix of hydraulic cement ― such as Portland Grey. Your contractor can advise which mix is best. If the defect is not seeping, then a masonry cement could solve the problem.

Also Check the Walls

Foundation problems, especially in basements, can manifest in walls and corners. A common sign that you might need to undertake basement repair, is when doors stop closing or opening as they should. Cracks can appear in the walls, and while these defects can be addressed just by patching them, they could be a sign that your foundation is suffering as well.

If you live in the Portland area, then get in touch with you contractor. She or he will assess the problem and save you some headaches down the line. It’s easy to forget about a small crack in the basement. After all, you don’t see it that often. Take our advice, keep this in mind: Foundation cracks are a problem that is best addressed early.


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