We are a company dedicated to build many concrete structures, such as city sidewalk, retaining wall, concrete driveway, concrete steps,concrete patio,landscape walkways, and many more. We are a concrete contractor in Portland, Beaverton, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Tigard, West linn Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

We are also one of the oldest companies in the market, we have been doing business for over 7 years in the northwest, with a combine experience of forty years. As a company that love to construct things our priority is to have the best materials to allow an amazing construction. When you work with us you work with a group of people that are the best at their area, we have the best experienced professional that will make anything for you.

Because we are the company to call

There are many people that need to make repairs at their house and we are the ones they call for every construction make in concrete. We are the company that will give you the project you dream with high-quality material that will last forever. Whenever you need a repair we are the company to call.

Eternal Rock Construction Inc is one of the biggest concrete contractor, the projects we make are consider first-class projects with the best materials, projects that will last many years without any damage or need for repair.

The project you need

Eternal Rock Construction Inc will give the project that you need and not the one we are trying to sell, working with us is working with a company that will listen to every recommendation and advise you give. We are here to make your project come to like, therefore we work by your side helping you.

Our group of experts will discuss with you every detail, even if it is little. We want to give you the project and the attention you deserve and with the best material. The projects you make with us will always exceed your expectations.

The project you want you have it

Here at Eternal Rock Construction Inc we know that people have imagination and from it born a lot of interesting ideas. So, if you have an idea for your house you can talk with our specialist and he will find a way to bring that idea to life, there isn’t a bad idea for construction.

But we not only construct concrete things for the houses, we have the quality and the capacity to bring to life big projects. One of the project that we think is very important is the slab. One of the biggest problems the concrete slabs have is the damage caused by cavities, this damage can and will destabilize any concrete slab with cavities.

We at Eternal Rock Construction Inc offer you the best concrete slab with the promise that this concrete slab will have a high-quality material and also it will have many years of use without damage or need for a fix.

The experience of forty years for you

Eternal Rock Construction Inc offers you the opportunity to work with a company that have forty years of experience in construction, so you can be totally sure that our workers are the best at their area.

We know that good things have to last, this is the principal reason why we use just the best materials in every concrete construction we make. There is a lot of responsibility in a company with forty years of experience.

Eternal Rock Construction Inc responsibility

As a company that cares a lot for our customers and their personal projects we have the motivation and obligation of make every concrete project one of the best, we have the responsibility of making every project in the time we said to you and also to give you a high-quality project.

There is nothing that could be better than watch the face of a customer happy with our work, this is the principal reason why we care so much for the materials we use in every project we work on. The principal responsibility at Eternal Rock Construction Inc is give you what you ask an also what you want, the projects we make for you are the best you can find.