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The only constant thing is change

Someone once said: "The only constant thing is change" (until we achieve perfection).
In ERCI we know that construction is the art or technique of manufacturing infrastructures or buildings of good quality in time and space.

Concrete Foundations

In a broader sense, construction is called to everything that requires, have a project and a predetermined planning, before it is done.

At ERCI we strive every day to exceed the expectations of our customers. Every client of ours is part of our company at the moment that puts their trust in our work, that's why we are careful in every project.

The truth of building materials: concrete, bricks and stone, will be maintained in all buildings built or to be built.

Building material

The construction economy results from the number of good items we can offer at a low price. The same is true in any economy - the relationship between the quality of the product and the price of the product. But if we ignore the quality of the product, the whole economy has no meaning in any terrain, and so does architecture.

Concrete Foundations Portland Oregon

Projecting theaters requires understanding a series of complex functional relationships, which are largely evidenced through the historical evolution of theater. It is an architectural task that has been considered the most diverse societies of continuous form for more than 2500 years. The construction of any theater today is incorporated into a long historical tradition, but at the same time characterized by the effort to evade tradition.

Concrete Foundations Portland

Eternal Rock Construction Inc is present at all times to understand the needs of our clients, not if the project is a concrete stain or concrete countertops our team will give you support to carry out the development of your project.

Concrete Foundation

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