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A satisfied customer for us is everything

Okay, it’s just a driveway. But we put big demands on Eternal Rock. We wanted a driveway that would act like a gutter, and channel water away from our house and away from my neighbor’s house, and into the street. So we wanted a V-shaped driveway, sloping to the street, but we didn’t want the V to be dramatic.  I had my concerns throughout the project but it has now been thoroughly tested and it works perfectly.


So the difficult part was accomplished. What I didn’t expect was the finishing work. It was beautiful. I know, it’s just a driveway. But the care they took with every detail was exceptional. And when they finished, they left our place cleaned of all debris, including concrete dust on the street in front of our house. Remarkable.


We paid a lot, but we had seen Eternal Rock’s work in our neighborhood, so we relied on what we saw, what our neighbors told us, and the online reviews. If you have a difficult job that needs to be done right, you won’t go wrong with these guys.


Thanks to Luis, Ray and the whole crew!!






 (I see in another review that he can be hard to make an initial contact with, and that was our experience too. But it was worth the effort, and the money.)


Dick Thompson
4032 SE Ankeny Street
Portland, Oregon 97214
Cell phone: +1 202 642 3133
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