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Concrete steps are everywhere. They are a common feature of American architecture. They serve us well. They are hardy no-fuss structures that get stepped on all the time and you never hear them complain. After all that wear, it should come to us as no surprise that every now and then we need to give them some upkeep. When it comes to concrete steps, the damage can come in many shapes and forms. It’s a good idea to call your professional contractor. However, let’s get you through the basics.


Assessing the Damage


Most defects are cosmetic in nature. For example, the nose on landing steps chips away quite easily. The tread can suffer damage or simply wear away with time. Repairing these is a straightforward job. Other times, the flooring could be damaged, making the step unsafe. Someone could trip or get a shoe stuck. If the riser is damaged, then you need to take a caref ... Read more »

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